My name is Jasmine , 27 y. o, beauty from Eastern Europe. I am half Asian, tall, slender, captivating exotic brunette. My appearance is all natural and elegant. Measurements are 34C-24-34 (all natural). I always receive compliments on my long legs and deep, sparkling brown eyes, lips that are soft, full and scream to be kissed and a sensational womanly body to die for...

I am alarmingly genuine, a bit vulnerable, and very appreciative you picked me to be with. I like to touch, and be touched- so first expect a warm embrace and a kiss please! It can be exciting to meet a new person, yet I cherish my older friends even greater. I am polite and respectful regardless of whom with, yet not willing to change myself to please others. I have a pure heart and clear thoughts.

In a list of many I am always a favorite choice with a bubbly personality to liven your spirits and that special unique sparkle. It starts with a delicious tickle in your mouth that you won't want to stop, and ends in sheer ecstasy. From beginning to end I am a delight to the palette of the most discerning gentleman (and woman) and my smooth intoxication will hit you hard and fast like a vintage champagne. I offer a variety of flavours to fit your every mood. If you want me for the heart I am delicate, soft, warming. If you want me for the spirit I am inviting, refreshing and vivacious. If you want me for my soul I am complex, passionate, and rich. When you want me for my body I am bold, intense and powerful. I am a woman of very refined tastes.

Men and Women can have such a funny fantasies, you know? And besides... I'll never tell. Never.

Inner needs can sometimes go dismissed. Taking a simple break from daily life to regenerate without judgments is necessary, healthy, and normal. It is understood that our personal time must remain private. Matters shall be handled respectfully and discreetly- due to profession, relatives, or other cherished obligations. For any of the reasons stated above, I am the absolute perfect solution!

I am the RARE full package with so much affection, charm, inspiration, and friendship to share on all levels.

I owe you many happy moments and after the first, it will not be the last!